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A tribute to the original Stick Soldiers games, this 3D adaptation puts you into chaotic battles against crowds of stick soldiers, where you can expect endless havoc and comical deaths.

9 Dec 2016: Version ( is now available:

  • The Map Editor is now available from the main menu.
  • Maps are now downloaded directly from a new online repository. Users can also upload their own custom maps from the Map Editor.
  • Fixed another game-breaking bug that affected some Macs.
  • Changed aiming mode from laserline to crosshair in 3D mode.
  • Slightly tweaked weapon stats.

Note: when you first open the map list, it will be empty. After 2 seconds, it should connect to the masterserver and show all the available maps. If not, please let me know.

Currently supporting FFA and Team deathmatches, with online multiplayer being work in progress.


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Stick Veterans 0.9.2 (Windows) 16 MB
Stick Veterans 0.9.2 (Mac) 30 MB
Stick Veterans 0.9.2 (Linux) 29 MB


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What happened to the Linux version?

It's there to download, is something not working?

Strange, when you look at the Itch listing via Linux, its says not available for gnu/Linux?

You are absolutely right, I forgot to assign each upload to its appropriate OS, it should be fixed now. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

i click start game but it doesn't go into game it just sits in the game preferences screen, and when i press escape it asks to exit match, im on mac

An updated version is now up, please try it and let me know if it works!

this is not free

Yes it is. When asked for an optional payment, just press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

this is not free

Yes it is. When asked for an optional payment, just press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".



Awesome. I was one of the moderators on the WSU forums, and had made tons of mods for SS2. I wish we had the original devs' contact info; I'm sure they'd love your work! Shared it with all the old veterans, too :)

Happy to hear from you, and very glad you found this game! I was very fond of the community, and it would be great to see something similar started out from this project too. Nice to see more people here sharing the nostalgia :)

When ever i hit start the game doesnt do anything

Hi, What operating system are you using?


This is a known issue, I will upload an updated version to fix this soon. Sorry about that!


Heres some gameplay and me commenting yea i know my voice sometimes cant be understood

Cool playthrough, thanks for sharing! You should try playing team mode with more bots (20 or 25), it gets very chaotic but it's fun.

Totally compatible with Macs; rating 10/10 I like the maps and the bots and how you can have a custom battle. Multiplayer should be with rooms and you can host it public or invite people, that means they would need an account too.

Maps could use some color also, but most of all I like the layout and how you pickup guns.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Glad you liked the game; multiplayer is in the plans, but it needs a lot of work to get it right.

I decided to keep the maps colorless in an effort to keep a clean style, but also to reduce the time needed to make maps. The more complex the graphics, the more effort the map design needs; also, a map editor will be available for users, so I want to keep it simple for them.

Thanks again, more stuff will be added soon!


I have a MacOSX so I am testing the game for you! I found this interesting when I was looking at games so I like the idea. I will comment when I launch it.

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Great game with decent imagination, Thanks guys for this gem with good possibilities, worth my paypal donation


Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to donate, it means a lot! Hope you enjoyed the game, will keep adding to it!

Nice game :)

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it!


why all of your map not aded in my mac? i can't play help please

Sorry, I don't have a mac so i couldn't test it. Try copying the "maps" folder from the zip file to StickVeteransMac.app\Contents\MacOS, or StickVeteransMac.app\Contents. Please let me know if this worked. Otherwise, wait for the updated version, it will have this fixed.