A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Throw yourself into chaotic battles with stick figures in a huge variety of 3D and 2D maps made by our amazing community (and hey, you can make and upload yours too).

12 May 2018: Version 1.1 published:

  • Body Armor added (found as pickup in maps)
  • Grenades added (default key: F, you can change keys in Input tab at startup screen)
  • Customizable Game Rules: score limit, respawn delay, grenades per spawn etc.
  • Sniper Scope and 1st/3rd Person View can now be mapped to different buttons (see Options)
  • Maplist now scrolls much more smoothly
  • Changed built-in offline maps to some better maps (now 16 3D and 16 2D)
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Game Modes:
Free For All - Team Deathmatch - Capture the Flag
Play modes:
3D (single player) - 2D (single player or splitscreen)
Gamepad support for all modes (gamepads required for 2D splitscreen)

Network matches are available (currently only LAN support, use Tunngle or Hamachi for online play).

Use the "check for new maps" button in the map list to download new maps. If this fails for some reason, download the maps manually HERE.

Making Maps (Video Tutorial):

A word of note: Developers value your support; let us know if you like (or dislike) the game, and of suggestions you may have. A ratefollow or comment means a lot.

Thank you for playing!

Install instructions

Unzip & play.

For Linux (options may differ depending on your distribution):

  • Right-click "StickVeteransLinux.x86" (or "StickVeteransLinux.x86_64" depending on your system),
  • choose "Properties",
  • open tab "Permissions",
  • tick checkbox "Allow executing file as program", 
  • launch the game. 

Running as normal user should work fine. If you encounter problems, try running as superuser:

  • open terminal in directory of executable,
  • run sudo ./StickVeteransLinux.x86 (or x86_64)

If you have graphics issues, try: sudo ./StickVeteransLinux.x86 -force-opengl


StickVeterans 1.1 (Windows) 22 MB
StickVeterans 1.1 (Mac) 38 MB
StickVeterans 1.1 (Linux) 43 MB

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can it be released on android? and plz fix that there are no online servers in multiplayer i can only play with bots :\

I might try porting to android at some point but probably not in the near future, requires a lot of work and I'm already behind :/

As for online servers, next version will include this feature, check back soon! :) 

Thanks :)

I love this game

Thank you!! 

Good game, I love it 99999/10

Thank you! <3

But there is something I still confused. I don't know how to use the map editor. I want to create my own map so bad. I know the basic control like moving and placing blocks But I don't know how to paint etc.

True, a lot of things are not very self-explanatory, sorry about that!

I am working on an interactive tutorial for the next version which should become available soon. Until then, please check out this video tutorial (understandably, it's less interesting when it's a video):

Thank you for taking the time to make maps!

Oh wow, thank you for the tutorial, now I know how to create map, your game are awesome.

Have a nice day :)

Glad to hear that! You too are awesome :) 

(1 edit)

i created my own map it was a 1% hard and i named it chaos map because everything was like EXPLOEDING AND TO MUCH NOISE so thats why  i called it CHAOS MAP it was only playeble with 15 to 17 players

Too much earrape

uhhh ok? i don't even know what earrape mans i am 9 years old and i am in class 3

Hello, its me again! Just wanna know if ur still working on the game, and if u are, glad to hear it

Hello again, thanks for sticking around! Actually I'm almost done with the next release and it should become available sometime soon. Check back in a couple weeks! :) 

llegue después de 197 días solo para decir que ya había pasado mucho tiempo jugando ya que me compre la tarjeta grafica y bueno... ADORO ESTE JUEGO 

Thank you, very grateful to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to post your encouraging comment! 

The game is very good but there is no sense in using any other weapon other than shotgun and/or rocket launcher

glad you like the game! These weapons are sure powerful but I think it's a matter of preference and depends on the map too!

Hola, tengo un problema con el juego, todo el escenario aparece en blanco y no veo nada, no sé qué hacer <img src = "https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzY1MzY3NzQucG5n/original/0i8KPA. png ">

Sorry to hear that, a few other people have reported this too. It seems to be a Unity issue with certain graphics card drivers. 

If there are no driver updates that you can try, the only thing I can suggest is to wait for the next game's update, which should fix it. 

Sorry I can't provide a faster solution, and thank you for your patience. 

Updated  94 days ago

so no devlog?

Yeah, it might help to keep you updated on the development but I don't have a good ETA so I pretty much chose to keep you waiting until you can see the end result. Sorry for the delay! 

For the record though, the game's online multiplayer is pretty much complete, and I am now working on implementing fast matchmaking and revamping the UI and menus. I also optimized various parts of the game so it should run smoother. 

Thank you for your patience and for keeping in touch, and I hope you will feel rewarded by the end result! 

Cant download game

Downloading seems to be working fine for me. Could you let me know about the exact steps you tried to download it and any errors /messages you got? 

I just tried to download the Windows file, and when the popup came i clicked save file and then nothing happened. I will try again now

Let me know if it works, it might have been a temporary glitch. Otherwise I would suggest contacting itch.io for support, or try downloading the game from Gamejolt.com where it is also available. 

i downloaded it from the itch app. It works fine! Great game btw

Thank you! Glad it worked for you and that you liked it! 

Wierd assumption but why does it feel like a new update is coming soon


Maybe... :) Not too soon though, it's still in progress. More on that when I have a better guess for when to expect it. 

Can't upload map?

Sorry for the late reply!

I have migrated the map hosting server to Amazon so it should be more reliable, but I guess it may occasionally have outages too.

If it still doesn't work, you can manually upload it via https://stickveterans.com/mapupload.php

"mmm monke love. But no multiplayer which make monke sad"


Thank you xD

I'm still working on the online multiplayer actually, check back in 1-2 months when it will hopefully be ready!

cAN you include gun game mode pls? i love to see ythat mode in game 

Hi, I have this and a few other gamemodes in mind, I intend to add them in the future but at the moment I am working on the online multiplayer so it will take a while! 

why cant i upload a game

Hi, sorry for the frustration, I will look into it asap! In the meantime, please email me your map at admin@junkbytes.com and I will add it manually! 


why does this happen when i try to edit my game

I wanted to play with my brother in this game but every time he joined my game it said he disconnected :( help

Sorry to hear that! Are you playing on a LAN or through an online connection? Also, could you tell me the exact message text shown? 

amigo  de verdad quiero jugarlo pero tengo un problema, cuando abro el juego todo normal pero todo se ve blanco. el menu, la as balas, etc todo eso se ve pero lo demas se ve blanco 

That sounds like a graphic drivers problem. I would suggest first checking if there are any updates for your graphics card driver. Also, what operating system are you using? 

estoy usando el sistema operativo de windows profesional de 64bits. una pregunta, cuanto es lo que pide el juego en grafica para poder jugarlo?


You shouldn't have a problem with the graphics card unless it's quite old.

My first suggestion is to check for driver updates for your graphics card (there are many guides on Google, such as this article). Running Windows Update may help too. 

See also this article to ensure you are running the game with your dedicated graphics card (and not with Intel graphics, for example). 

If all else fails, I suggest you wait for the next update I will release, which likely won't have this issue. It will take a relatively long time until it's ready though. 

y justamente eso la gráfica intel estándar de la pc XD

Hmm I think even that should work. If nothing else works I can only recommend waiting for the next version of the game. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! 

Game is great! I have an idea: in the original stick soldiers 2, there was a function that allowed you to make custom weapons. It is very hard to use though, so If you could make an ingame one, that would be great.


Hi, I am aware of this feature! I had thought of replicating it, as well as more moddability in general, but it needs a lot of work and there's probably not a lot of people willing to use it (it would probably require 3d modeling skills). I'll try to find a more user-friendly way to implement it if possible. 

Deleted 162 days ago

Thanks, glad you liked it! 

i got some complains (idk if its just me or unity is drunk). the game some times when i play in 800x something, it goes back to default reselution whenever i accidentally press ctrl+esc. is that the unity engine or it is a problem ._

Yes ctrl + esc is a special key combo in the operating system itself to break application focus. Do you really accidentally press it so often as to be a problem though? 

yes, unfurtunetly. that happens whenever i wanted to check download progress, checking a new email, seeing class grup (if my phone dint got locked). besides that, i usually accidentally did it by force habbit ._. . if its not fixable, its ok. i can just try stoping my habbits of it. thx for responding tho :)

Oh I see, yeah it can be pretty annoying then.

I tried ctrl+esc on my windows 10 and it doesn't have this problem (it maintains the selected resolution when I return to the game). I assume you have a different OS?

There is no way for me to control this functionality in any case unfortunately, sorry about that :/

add rocket jumping? control point maps


I'm considering control points as a gamemode in the future, yes! What's rocket jumping though? 

explosion jumping
using the knockback of the explosion it wil make the user fly

Sounds like a cool mechanic but I will have to try it at a later time, as I don't want to experiment with many new things at once! Thanks for the suggestion though! 

I am having some problems with uploading maps, it gives me the message "Server error" all the time, i have tried many to test with AI in both FFA, Team and flags, and all waypoints are set,  Can i get some help please

Sorry about that, it's my web hosting's fault, their uptime /latency is horrible. I'll try to move to a better one within the week.

Until then, please send your map at admin@junkbytes.com and I will manually add it. 

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

how do i disable blood...but this game is still fun to play with friend...

Sorry, I never thought of including this option :( but I will make sure to do it in the next release, now that you mention it. 

(1 edit)

no problem it ok...i just become bit lagging

You should disable bullet shells, does that help? 

thank you !!

(1 edit) (+1)

Junkbytes i recommend you release it to steam or something i played this game around 2018 i think i really can see this game in a bigger fanbase keep up a goodwork cant wait for a good rewrite of the game

one more thing textures or something like foliage can make the game look so much better 


Thanks for the feedback, I have considered the move but probably not towards steam. I'll probably be moving to another website, more on that soon. Enhancing the maps is another thing to consider too, I'll look into my options after the online multiplayer is ready. 


Are you still going to continue the game?
Even though it's kind of dead?


The game currently has on average 40 downloads a day, so I don't see how you classify it as "dead".  And yes, I'm working on a large rewrite. 


really good game should update it loved it


junkbytes pls repl


Thanks, I intend to make an update! It needs a lot of work though which is why it's taking so long!

Show post...

Amazing a game can you please make a version for android.


Glad you like it! I've thought about it too but I can't think of a way it would play well on mobile. Fps games generally don't adapt well to touch screens.


this is so good

i accidentally uninstalled it a couple months ago and i finally found it



Holllly hell, had a lot of fun @junkbytes. This gonna be with me forever. Why this game is so addictive, loved the concept of 3d. But a little frustrated about 2d controls. Lots of maps. Feels like mini militia , bombsquad and stick game together. Thanks for creating this game.


Thank you for your kind words :') I'm glad people enjoy this game and hope you will like the long-overdue update when it will be ready.

As for the 2D controls, is there something specific that you could suggest to improve them? 

(7 edits) (+1)

It's not that big issue but I was frustrated about 2d controls due to the jump and crouch inputs for keyboard are W and S,  whereas in 3d they were normally SpaceBar and Ctrlso it took a little time to get used to, i think playing with controller would be fun.. So according to me you could just add custom input-key options  for player to custom pick keys they want for specific actions like jump, exactly like you created for weapons hotkeys. 

b( ̄▽ ̄)d


Thanks for the suggestion, indeed customizable keyboard input would be helpful. I'll make sure to add it, it will take a while though since I'm already behind on more prioritized work. 


How's it going, Junkbytes? I'm still thoroughly enjoying your game to this day.

If you're curious as to who I am, I previously went by giantboss10 here on itch. Furthermore, have a good day.


Hello old pal! Glad you're still enjoying the game, I'm still working on it and hope you'll like the update when it will be done! 


this game is weirdly addictive and i love it


Thank you! Still working on improving it! :) 


ok, i hope this game becomes better while youre improving it


so i played this game with my controller and it's super fun


Glad you liked it! Happy to hear that the gamepad support works adequately too! :) 


me, when I have flamethrower: *stick veterans music fades, DINGODILE MUSIC STARTS*


Dingodile is awesome, I prefer Tony though :)


Worked for a while but then just broke, the gun shoots at 1 spot, you can't pick up items, npcs just freeze and don't move. Adding a mosin nagant or semi rifle would be nice. 

Thanks for reporting the issue, don't know what might be causing it though, it shouldn't be happening. 

If possible, please send me the file output_log.txt located in C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans. 

I'll definitely add more weapons, but need to finish some other features first.

Found it.


(1 edit)

Found the problem, it's a game bug.

Please try deleting the file config.xml, it's in the same folder as the output.log (C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans). Then restart the game, and it will be auto-generated again.

Also, in the Game Rules, make sure the "extra grenade for every..." is not zero. This will be allowed in the next update, where I will include the fix.

Thanks for reporting the problem, and let me know if it persists!

I set all of the grenade settings to 0,  that's what broke it probably.  Its fixed now.

Awesome game!

Please add grappling hook, bomb defuse mode, battle royale mode, skins, and smoke bomb




Pls make the fps and tps as an option in the settings so it will be easier for people (or just me) to play the game ._.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sure, I can add this. Isn't the current switching mode (right mouse click) working for you?

Yes but sometimes it's kind of hard for me to do them. also, thank you for responding and sorry for responding really late to this message ._.

No problem, I always appreciate the feedback! 


Is it alright if I make a VR version?

Sorry for the late reply! Of course it's alright, I'd be glad to see it too! I would love to make it myself but I don't have a VR headset to work with. :(

(1 edit)

This game is amazing feel like i am playing COD. but i just encounter something missing, on TPS mode when the camera enter thin wall the wall will block the vision. So... can you add a script for that?

Sorry for the late reply! 

Indeed this is an issue that can occur, I'll look into it. Could you tell me which map have you seen this happen mostly? 

Can be say a lot? IDK, but apparently if the camera enter thin wall that happen.

Thanks, I will make sure to add a fix in the next update. 


Yeah boi.

Uh... Hai Junkbytes! I'm GabrielPivot.... you know the one in gamejolt.
Anyways  i cannot report the bug or something. But hey it's not like an bug.

It's more like an graphic error.
When starting the game with any settings the HUD is only visible but the gameplay is totally white screen. Anyways hope you fix that please.

Hi Gabriel, sorry for the late reply, I wasn't getting notifications for some reason! 

I have had this problem reported once or twice before but the users hadn't provided enough information or replied to my questions, so I couldn't pinpoint the cause. 

From what I can gather it's a graphics card related error, possibly fixable by updating your drivers or using different settings on the graphics card control panel. 

If possible, please send me the file output_log.txt located in C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans. 

thank you... but where? in private twitter thing? or discord?

Best by email at admin@junkbytes.com 

I can definitely call this an All time best! last time i played it in 2018 jan! it had been in my mine for 2 years now Kept searching  on google  Finally found it again!  Please keep it updated and don't let it die!

Thank you, it's always awesome to see people coming back to it! I'm still working on it, believe it or not, I just don't know how long it will be till the next update! 

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