Long time no see

I used to play a lot of GTA: Vice City a while back. The minigun was among my favourite guns.

Makes sense I would add it to my own game someday.


Eye-candy aside, I unfortunately do not have an update ready yet. In fact, it will be amazing if I have one ready before the year ends. This is for three reasons:

  • The game is in the middle of a rewrite. The multiplayer networking is currently unacceptable for anything other than LAN, so I am rewriting the entire network code. Also, I am working on implementing Unity's latest optimizations, the most important of which will be multi-threading support (meaning the game will finally use more than 1 CPU core, meaning it will run much faster).
  • On top of the above, personal life and work have been hogging all my time again. I haven't had enough time for gamedev in a while.

The third reason is that I have been working in parallel on an older project of mine. I happened to feel nostalgia for one of my old projects, Flashy Dansy. It's a simple mini-game I had made for a gamejam some time ago, and I recently decided to update it.

In fact, I would be grateful if you guys checked it out. It's completely free, like Stick Veterans, and available for Windows/Mac/Linux and Android.

Good thing is, things are a bit more relaxed in my life now, so I will use the chance to focus on Stick Veterans. I will keep you posted on its progress.

As a closing note, I want to thank you guys for playing SV, and especially for making and uploading maps. I make sure to check out and approve your maps as often as I can. I recently posted on my blog about one of the most contributing map makers, and I hope this will inspire you to join the map making community with renewed effort.

Until next time,


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