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I have a request i cant delet map ssorry iam french

Yes, I should put a button for this.

At the moment, you can go to "C:/Users/yourname/AppData/LocalLow/Junkbytes/Stick Veterans/maps" and delete the maps you don't want.

j'ai le meme probleme que toi

I love this game! But can I make a couple request or suggestions? I would like it if the map editor wasn't so confusing please, and maybe make it so that you won't have unlimited sprint, like add a stamina bar?

Thanks for the suggestions!

  • The map editor sure isn't simple, but you need to be more specific. How do you think it could be improved?
  • Stamina-limited running would be a good feature to have, but I am considering to only add it as a separate mode for now (something like "realism mode"). Same goes for fall damage (currently there is none).

Also please remember that there are many other features planned which require a lot of work, so implementing anything you ask will certainly take a while!

With the map editor make it so that you see it as if you where to fly around in game or something with just a more simple layout. The map editor is just complicated to use! BTW Thanks for Replying!

Unfortunately there is no easier way to get 3d map design done. At least not something I know of. I think these will help you:

  • Check out the Help in the toolbar dropdown menu, it is a very brief dialog containing many useful keyboard shortcuts.
  • Start with 2d maps rather than 3d.
  • Download some maps, then open them in the editor, to get an idea of how to make similar maps.

I think the layout is as simple as can be, really. No way to fit so many options otherwise.

Still, if you can think of specific ways in which it can be improved, by all means let me know!

This Game is great fun. But, I only have 1 request. Is it possible if u could add a background instead of keeping the grey empty unity background?

Good suggestion! I kept the unity background because it is good as a "generic" background that fits any map. Any ideas what I should change it to?

to be honest, for the splitscreen mode, you could change it to any image such as a jungle or a desert since it is 2d. However, for single player I'm not really sure since it's 3d and you can't really just upload a picture to the background. As for area suggestions, I would say maybe a jungle or forest, a desert or a facility at night with search lights moving around.

The thing is that, since each user map has a completely different theme (except for the more generic ones), choosing e.g. a city background would be unsuitable for a jungle themed map. Thus, it needs to be a more generic background.

I could allow each player to upload their own backgrounds for their maps, but this would create inconsistent aesthetics throughout the game (and you can't trust the players to always upload good quality images).

I will put some thought into what would make a better background. Until deciding, I find it best to play safe and keep the generic skybox. Please endure it :)

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Maybe you could add a certain option in the map maker in which the players choose a background from a selection of backgrounds that you placed in the game?

Edit: I definitely still enjoy this game without backgrounds, this is only a request to make it even more enjoyable

This is a pretty good idea, I guess. I will try to include it when I make the colored maps feature too. Thanks!

you know what you can do you can like make a weapon mixer it's basically like, you take a weapon that is already their for example the sniper rifle and then combine it with an RPG and it will become a missile firing sniper rifle, wouldn't that be cool?

It could be possible. Will work on it after other priorities are complete, though!

Add more game modes like:capture the flag,payload,control points.Will that be possible?Cause right now the game is kind of boring with only teams and free-for-all game modes, I would work on this before making multiplayer.

CTF and Control Points are possible. I guess it would be a good idea to add them, so I will include them into my planned features list.

I think you may be right about FFA and Teams being kinda boring, but still I will keep multiplayer in priority, since it is halfway done and I can't compile an update without finishing that. I should have planned things better, but multiplayer has been often requested before so it was about time to roll it out.

Thanks for the suggestions though, they are honestly very helpful!

Always helpful

Ok thanks for the help also can you make an update to the game so we can creat our own weapons that would be Fantastic.Thanks man Your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the suggestion, however this would be hard to implement since making weapons requires 3d modeling and texturing, which is far more challenging than creating maps.

Still, I might include it in the form of a modular design - building weapons out of premade parts. I will see what I can do, but it must certainly wait until after the multiplayer is finished.

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback! :)

but also when I create my own map the bots won't move they just stay at spawn and only shoot, please fix this!!!

Thanks for your kind words! As for the bots, you need to go to the AI dropdown menu (in the toolbar) and press "Build AI waypoints", which performs the map pre-processing required for bots to work. This is a necessary limitation, sorry!

Awesome game with lot's of maps!!!!!

sorry for the impatience but: how longer we need to wait for new update!?

You are absolutely right to complain as I actually hoped the next update to be ready by now :/

Unfortunately my day job and other obligations are getting in the way too often.

Without promising anything, I expect an update to be ready in 20-30 days from now. Multiplayer may or may not be ready until then, but I should at least have a beta version of it.

Sorry for the late reply!

3rd One

Thanks for making these videos!

The game is fun, but extremely chaotic, i have to turn on slowmo only to get a hand on what is going on, i do plan on coming back to this game after some time to see its progress because it seems quite promising, For now, i suggest the game to be less all over the top, in my eyes dismemberment should be on where you hit your enemy, Not them just bursting to pieces lol, that annoying, although popping their heads out and them still walking was the best, keep that on here please lol

Thanks for your suggestions!

The game is indeed chaotic, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed while playing it too.

The reason for this kind of gameplay is that it's based on the original "Stick Soldiers" game, which was actually even more chaotic.

I don't really want to change this element of gameplay now, as I believe the game has reached a good and stable point. Making such fundamental changes could "break" a lot of things, and I do not have the required time to ensure this won't happen.

I suggest choosing simpler maps (it helps with the disorientation), teams mode, smaller number of bots, and easier difficulty level.

About the dismemberment, again, it takes after the Stick Soldiers style. Making more realistic dismemberment is unlikely to make the game look better; the chaotic limb-blast is part of the fun element.

Glad to hear you like the head popping, it has been one of my favorite gameplay mechanics since Stick Soldiers 1 :)

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Ah, I see, Do you plan on adding certain stuff? i had a little problem where i chose the second team, or in a short way to say it i chose red, And i saw myself blue, making me extremely confused, i ended up shooting my own teammates and wondering why the other blues were shooting at me, that was very weird, is it a bug or something? i havent played stick soldiers so im not sure of how it was, although its name does sound familiar, i might have played it but i might not remember,Although, On a side note, Very fun game, The chaos makes up for it as its fun, although yes it is hard to know what is going on it is pretty fun, And that team thing happened on the 2D Version

Indeed, the player color seems to be a bug. Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure to correct it.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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change the button for the third/First person and add realistic aim! whit this will be awesom! and add ak-47 or aug (automatic scoped rifle) and add you can color the cube in map editor

To change the button for third/first person, go to the "Input" tab in the start-up screen, double-click the "View Mode" option, and press the desired button

Realistic aim sounds like a good idea. I will try, but I'm not sure when I will be able to add it.

Same thing goes for new weapons and map palette.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Please add the option to adjust the highness/lowness of the... building... layer.... in the level creator. It would make building indoor areas a billion times easier.

(I'm positive you know what I'm talking about)

I assume you mean view clipping based on height. I have thought of it too, editing indoor areas is hard without it, but it is not easy to make.

I will definitely try to add it, but can't promise when, sorry.

Thanks for the suggestion, and sorry for the late response.

Help I'm shooting on my left hand instead of my right how do i fix?

Press the Middle mouse button. Sorry for the late reply.

are you able to play this with a ps4 or xbox controller if not it would be awesome if you put that in future updates

Controllers are supported for the 2D mode, just remember to configure them first. There is no support for controllers in 3D mode, I believe I could add it easily, but it wouldn't be as convenient as using the mouse.


This game is awesome.


Thanks for making these videos! I can see you found it hard to get used to the game at first.

I understand that the game is not as intuitive as it could be, although I tried a lot to make it so.

Hopefully, next versions will be easier on new players, and I hope you enjoyed the game either way.

Thanks again, great channel, keep up the good work!

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Hey, is there a possibility I could play local multiplayer? We have 2 computers with game installed on both. Any way? thanks! great game by the way :) really funny

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately not yet, the only available multiplayer is the 2d splitscreen mode using gamepads. Lan and online multiplayer are in progress.

How do you add maps in the game?

See description: After opening the maplist, it should connect to the masterserver and show all the available maps. If not, check that the game can connect to the internet (check your antivirus/firewall). If all else fails, download the maps manually HERE.

Where is maplist?

It's shown when you press Play 3D or Play 2D in the main menu and then press Choose Map.

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Hey,can you please send me the maps on my email.

When I try to download the maps it says error in reading map list.

My email is ****

Please send them,I really want to play th game.

Please refrain from asking help to be sent to you by email, to avoid being targeted by spammers.

Visit to manually download the maps.

However, the auto-downloader should have been working fine. Please check whether the game is allowed to connect to the internet and not blocked by any firewalls you may have.

Thank you very much,and the problem is that I have is that my 50 GB internet run out and it will recarge only this Sunday.

Thamks again!

No problem!

The game is really chaotic with 31 AI on a small map maby have a limit for each map?

Thanks for the suggestion. I have considered adding a player limit to be set by the map creator, or even automatically suggesting a player count, but I found these to be unreliable measures.

It's hard to tell when a map gets "too" chaotic, as some players may enjoy it when others don't. In my best belief, I thought it best to let the players experiment by themselves.

In later versions, there will be an option to quickly add/remove bots during matches.

I really do enjoy that but can get really hectic on small maps

Great Game! it could use a campaign though!


Thanks! I have also considered adding campaign or more gamemodes, but I want to work on the multiplayer first.

When I open the map list, nothing ever shows

Make sure you are connected to the Internet. If you are, it may be that a firewall is blocking the game. Run the game in windowed mode, see if any firewall dialogs pop up, and whitelist the game in any firewall you may have.

Best Shooting game I have ever played! You should add more maps like a subway :)

Thanks a lot! Well I have a few map concepts that I hope to create, but developing new features already takes a lot of time. Maybe you can try your hand at the map editor and be the one to make it ;)


Great game could use some fleshing out but I really enjoyed it.

Whoa even I don't play in difficulty 5 :p Cool video, thanks for making it!


did I do that I was just messing with things lol

This is a good game, However I have a few suggjestions.

1. Game/Editor Modifiers: Basicly settings that can change the level's gravity, player health, weapon dammage etc.

2. Colors: There should be an option to change the colors of blocks, or at the very least an option to change to from white, red, or blue.


Pretty good suggestions, I will try to get them done in the next update!



Soon you will see my review for this game. Now you could check it out!

Cool, Ravenfield is one of my favorite games. Eager to see your review!

What happened to the Linux version?

It's there to download, is something not working?

Strange, when you look at the Itch listing via Linux, its says not available for gnu/Linux?

You are absolutely right, I forgot to assign each upload to its appropriate OS, it should be fixed now. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

i click start game but it doesn't go into game it just sits in the game preferences screen, and when i press escape it asks to exit match, im on mac

An updated version is now up, please try it and let me know if it works!

it did work

this is not free

Yes it is. When asked for an optional payment, just press "No thanks, just take me to the downloads".




Awesome. I was one of the moderators on the WSU forums, and had made tons of mods for SS2. I wish we had the original devs' contact info; I'm sure they'd love your work! Shared it with all the old veterans, too :)

Happy to hear from you, and very glad you found this game! I was very fond of the community, and it would be great to see something similar started out from this project too. Nice to see more people here sharing the nostalgia :)

When ever i hit start the game doesnt do anything

Hi, What operating system are you using?


This is a known issue, I will upload an updated version to fix this soon. Sorry about that!


Heres some gameplay and me commenting yea i know my voice sometimes cant be understood

Cool playthrough, thanks for sharing! You should try playing team mode with more bots (20 or 25), it gets very chaotic but it's fun.

Totally compatible with Macs; rating 10/10 I like the maps and the bots and how you can have a custom battle. Multiplayer should be with rooms and you can host it public or invite people, that means they would need an account too.

Maps could use some color also, but most of all I like the layout and how you pickup guns.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Glad you liked the game; multiplayer is in the plans, but it needs a lot of work to get it right.

I decided to keep the maps colorless in an effort to keep a clean style, but also to reduce the time needed to make maps. The more complex the graphics, the more effort the map design needs; also, a map editor will be available for users, so I want to keep it simple for them.

Thanks again, more stuff will be added soon!


I have a MacOSX so I am testing the game for you! I found this interesting when I was looking at games so I like the idea. I will comment when I launch it.

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Great game with decent imagination, Thanks guys for this gem with good possibilities, worth my paypal donation


Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to donate, it means a lot! Hope you enjoyed the game, will keep adding to it!

Nice game :)

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it!


why all of your map not aded in my mac? i can't play help please

Sorry, I don't have a mac so i couldn't test it. Try copying the "maps" folder from the zip file to\Contents\MacOS, or\Contents. Please let me know if this worked. Otherwise, wait for the updated version, it will have this fixed.

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