Good news, & bad news

Here's the deal:  multiplayer mode for Stick Veterans is progressing very well.

Despite some bugs that still need work, it seems to be in a near-complete form.

This screen shows a localhost test (2 builds connecting in the same computer), but LAN connectivity was also proven successful.

Today I had the first playtest in multiplayer with 3 people. We connected over Hamachi (a well-known LAN emulator over the Internet) and, despite some bugs we found, the game ran pleasantly well.

So, the bad news: the game will probably be restricted to LAN mode.

Worldwide connections require a masterserver to make the connections, and I am not willing to rent a server as the cost is too much considering this is a free game.

You will probably still be able to connect with people in other connections, either by using Tunngle or Hamachi (like we did) or by opening your Internet port ("port forwarding") when you host a game. Sorry about this restriction. 

Despite that, I hope you are as excited for the good news as I am. Multiplayer Stick Veterans is happening soon!


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why i play stick veterans all i see is a WHITE SCREEN when i shoot all i can see is decals

That's weird! Can you tell me what operating system you use and what graphics card you have?