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really good game should update it loved it


junkbytes pls repl


Thanks, I intend to make an update! It needs a lot of work though which is why it's taking so long!

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Amazing a game can you please make a version for android.


Glad you like it! I've thought about it too but I can't think of a way it would play well on mobile. Fps games generally don't adapt well to touch screens.


this is so good

i accidentally uninstalled it a couple months ago and i finally found it



Holllly hell, had a lot of fun @junkbytes. This gonna be with me forever. Why this game is so addictive, loved the concept of 3d. But a little frustrated about 2d controls. Lots of maps. Feels like mini militia , bombsquad and stick game together. Thanks for creating this game.


Thank you for your kind words :') I'm glad people enjoy this game and hope you will like the long-overdue update when it will be ready.

As for the 2D controls, is there something specific that you could suggest to improve them? 

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It's not that big issue but I was frustrated about 2d controls due to the jump and crouch inputs for keyboard are W and S,  whereas in 3d they were normally SpaceBar and Ctrlso it took a little time to get used to, i think playing with controller would be fun.. So according to me you could just add custom input-key options  for player to custom pick keys they want for specific actions like jump, exactly like you created for weapons hotkeys. 

b( ̄▽ ̄)d


Thanks for the suggestion, indeed customizable keyboard input would be helpful. I'll make sure to add it, it will take a while though since I'm already behind on more prioritized work. 


How's it going, Junkbytes? I'm still thoroughly enjoying your game to this day.

If you're curious as to who I am, I previously went by giantboss10 here on itch. Furthermore, have a good day.


Hello old pal! Glad you're still enjoying the game, I'm still working on it and hope you'll like the update when it will be done! 


this game is weirdly addictive and i love it


Thank you! Still working on improving it! :) 


ok, i hope this game becomes better while youre improving it


so i played this game with my controller and it's super fun


Glad you liked it! Happy to hear that the gamepad support works adequately too! :) 


me, when I have flamethrower: *stick veterans music fades, DINGODILE MUSIC STARTS*


Dingodile is awesome, I prefer Tony though :)


Worked for a while but then just broke, the gun shoots at 1 spot, you can't pick up items, npcs just freeze and don't move. Adding a mosin nagant or semi rifle would be nice. 

Thanks for reporting the issue, don't know what might be causing it though, it shouldn't be happening. 

If possible, please send me the file output_log.txt located in C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans. 

I'll definitely add more weapons, but need to finish some other features first.

Found it.

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Found the problem, it's a game bug.

Please try deleting the file config.xml, it's in the same folder as the output.log (C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans). Then restart the game, and it will be auto-generated again.

Also, in the Game Rules, make sure the "extra grenade for every..." is not zero. This will be allowed in the next update, where I will include the fix.

Thanks for reporting the problem, and let me know if it persists!

I set all of the grenade settings to 0,  that's what broke it probably.  Its fixed now.

Awesome game!

Please add grappling hook, bomb defuse mode, battle royale mode, skins, and smoke bomb




Pls make the fps and tps as an option in the settings so it will be easier for people (or just me) to play the game ._.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sure, I can add this. Isn't the current switching mode (right mouse click) working for you?

Yes but sometimes it's kind of hard for me to do them. also, thank you for responding and sorry for responding really late to this message ._.

No problem, I always appreciate the feedback! 


Is it alright if I make a VR version?

Sorry for the late reply! Of course it's alright, I'd be glad to see it too! I would love to make it myself but I don't have a VR headset to work with. :(

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This game is amazing feel like i am playing COD. but i just encounter something missing, on TPS mode when the camera enter thin wall the wall will block the vision. So... can you add a script for that?

Sorry for the late reply! 

Indeed this is an issue that can occur, I'll look into it. Could you tell me which map have you seen this happen mostly? 

Can be say a lot? IDK, but apparently if the camera enter thin wall that happen.

Thanks, I will make sure to add a fix in the next update. 


Yeah boi.

Uh... Hai Junkbytes! I'm GabrielPivot.... you know the one in gamejolt.
Anyways  i cannot report the bug or something. But hey it's not like an bug.

It's more like an graphic error.
When starting the game with any settings the HUD is only visible but the gameplay is totally white screen. Anyways hope you fix that please.

Hi Gabriel, sorry for the late reply, I wasn't getting notifications for some reason! 

I have had this problem reported once or twice before but the users hadn't provided enough information or replied to my questions, so I couldn't pinpoint the cause. 

From what I can gather it's a graphics card related error, possibly fixable by updating your drivers or using different settings on the graphics card control panel. 

If possible, please send me the file output_log.txt located in C:/users/your_user/appdata/locallow/junkbytes/stick veterans. 

thank you... but where? in private twitter thing? or discord?

Best by email at 

I can definitely call this an All time best! last time i played it in 2018 jan! it had been in my mine for 2 years now Kept searching  on google  Finally found it again!  Please keep it updated and don't let it die!

Thank you, it's always awesome to see people coming back to it! I'm still working on it, believe it or not, I just don't know how long it will be till the next update! 

This game works horribly with controller

Sorry about that, I added gamepad support because it was requested by a few people, but the game is primarily meant for mouse and keyboard! 

Enter my FPS game jam if you want to compete against other games (if anyone else joins).

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Hey, I haven't played for a long time, but these days I saw the launcher, I just opened it, I saw all the maps I had created and started playing :D, this brought me nostalgia and I set out to create a mega map which I stay well, but I did not like something and it was that when I played it was too easy to climb the walls and to make a parkour area it took a long time and I had to have a lot of distance, in short the character's jump is too high I don't know if I explain myself but Mobility with the jump is too powerful and in multiplayer it is a bit easy to dodge bullets just by jumping, so I would like the jump not to be too much. I know that you will take this advice seriously and that you will think about it to do something that you should change the game radically but I only give you my advice and the rest will be your free will. :)

(I also say it for some maps that I believe and for example I don't want them to climb a certain mountain but since the jump is a lot I always have to make the height of the mountain too big and that consumes many map requirements)

I hope to be precise with what I am writing, the truth is not much English so if I am wrong it was just a mistake :,D


Glad to see you back!

Thanks for the suggestion, modifying gravity / jump height seems to be a recurring request so I will try my best to implement it. 

BTW I am well aware that it's been quite a while since the last update, sorry guys but lots of real-life obligations have kept me from working on the game for a long time. I will do my best to make it up! 


Wow, I am surprised at the speed at which you respond, as it shows that you are attentive to us: D, that makes me happy, I understand your current situation, since I was also a developer and I had many problems, especially economic since I had to work and I did not have much time, but I understand that you cannot give us an update today or tomorrow since you not only have to work on this project but you have to do other things, I hope that as soon as you can continue with the game. I support you in everything.

Keep going My Friend :)


Thanks for your understanding, and for the kind words! :) 

fun game eventhough i couldn't pick up weapons :/ my character just did it automatically sometimes

That's weird! Can you check some things for me? 

  • You collect pickups by passing through them (not "pressing E" or anything). 
  • Do you hear the pickup sound when you pass through one? Also, does it turn transparent? 
  • The character auto-equips a picked up gun only if he is currently holding the pistol. Otherwise, guns remain in the inventory and you must choose them using the mouse wheel.
  • Also, once you collect a pickup, it becomes "transparent" and you can't collect it again for about a minute (other players can, though). 
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im wondering if a top down perspective in the future is possible and what about different levels of armour like in a map i will make if this update is made i will put different levels of armour at harder spots to get like you have to parckore to them

Top down perspective is possible but I would probably not prefer it unless I consider it e.g. for a mobile adaptation. 

Different levels of armor is also possible but I would prefer to keep this aspect of the game simple and not have multiple different pickups for armor. 

Please post your comments as replies to this post instead of making new posts, as it makes it easier to navigate to previous posts by other users. Thanks! 

do you yet have a confermed date for the next update or is it still a little fogy and i have some ideas for the bullits since there is alot of automatic weapons like the m4 and ak-47 so they would have a few bullits like one version of a bullit that shoots slower but dose more damage but for semi auto weapons since theres only 2 the sniper and pistol so there could be many differet varints of bullits for example one variant of bullits for the sniper that shoots faster but dose less damage another variant  would be a poisin bullit that shoots at the same speed dose a little less damage and poisins the enemy over time and mabey some day the bullits can be added

No idea about the release date yet, my schedule is too busy right now. 

Bullet variants sounds cool but I'd rather consider it for a later update. 

can you tell me how the market place will work

By market I mean that you will buy the weapons before spawning, using points earned by your kills. Much like Counter Strike. 

what featers do you plan on adding to the game

Too many to list. Right now I am making the networking better, will add market mode, and then I will probably add more guns, terrain support and new game modes. I keep a list of things that people suggest, and try to implement the most promising ones. 

are you ever thinking in the futer mod support

I have thought of it, maybe I will but I need to look into it further! 

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subscribe and like the video if you like it here is my opinon on all the different guns (srry for the low mic qwality) exept the flame thrower and rpg

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do you have any things that you know your going to implemet in the future  i would like to cover on my channle some of the things we have talked about and thank you for responding to all my comments and srry for bombarding you 24/7 with comments

you know what would be realy cool being able to change bullets that give new qwalitys to your gun (ai would just have the normal bullits)for example  for the sniper you can find bullits that make it shoot faster but do less damge you could place these bullits on the ground or bullits would also work good for the market place like when you buy the gun it gives the assortment of bullits at different prices and a short discription i would like to know if you think this is a good idea and just mabey put it in this update or the next and i also have a qwestion what do you think about implementing zombie spawners


Ammo upgrades / variants sound cool indeed, and zombie spawns / waves could be a good idea for a gamemode. I can experiment with these once I get most of the other pending work done. Thanks!

sounds like a cool update

thank you for replying im happy to know you have taken my suggestions into consideration and do you have a solid time for when the next update will be relased or is there no solid release date and also can you tell me some new things coming in the near futer updates this is a great game and i am planing to cover this game on my youtube channle if you are fine with that


Suggestions are always appreciated, as are YouTube covers! 

Can't promise on when the next update will be released, as this is largely based on how much free time I have, and these last months have been busy. Hopefully, about when the year ends. 

This next update is a rework of the networking system, so not much else in it. Just better network responsiveness, and also a market mode (where you buy your guns instead of pick them up). 

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its hard to tell depth in the 3d mode like stacking blocks but if the biulding editor stayed the same i could live with that and this next thing may be asking for to much but mabey add a humve like the army jeep for large maps so you can move around faster also talking about speed can you make the enemy walking speed ajustable but will also affect your movment speed thank you for paying attention to the comunety oh and for the guns i recomend a revolver and more costomizalbe side arms a remington shotgun and a springfeild im also fine if these take more than one update or if thay are bad ideas and should not be implemented


Thanks for the suggestions! 

  • Properly gauging depth and perspective can be hard sometimes, I mostly rely on various tricks to get it right (some can be seen in my map tutorial). I haven't thought of a better way to assist this yet. 
  • Adding vehicles is possible but it will take a long time for this to happen. If it does, I first need to add landscapes and AI support for bigger maps, as well as networking-reliable vehicle physics. 
  • Changing walk speed / jump speed / gravity is something I have to avoid because the AI player calculations rely on these values being unchanged. I could allow changing these depending on the map (during map creation only, and for newer maps only). I will consider this. 
  • New guns are generally a big chapter I want to work on, I certainly will consider them but I prefer to prioritize other things first. 
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the building system needs improvments and add more semi automatic guns but i still love this game great concept and one of the best fps on great work

Thank you, I appreciate your praise, and constructive criticism is welcome! 

I certainly intend to add more weapons. As for the map editor, what would you recommend improving? 

hello i really injoyed this game but can you make a campaign please 

Hello, that's a good idea and I have considered it, but it needs too much time and work which I am unable to devote.

I barely have time to finish the currently pending update.

Hopefully I will have more time for it in the future, but it's unlikely as of yet. 

hello can you pls add colours to the men so me and my friends can joke around 

Not a bad idea actually, I'll consider adding it! Only for Free-for-all mode though! 


Please remember: I can't fix bugs if you don't report them! Map uploading had stopped working, now it's fixed, but I had no idea this was happening!

Very fun!

Happy to hear you liked it! :)

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Seria genial que agregaran 1 bloque de Cristal, que se pueda romper con varios disparos. Así se pueden crear mejores mapas.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the game has been made in a way that only allows static maps. This means that destructible blocks are currently not possible. Might change this sometime in the future, but can't promise.

Thank you, I love the game everything is perfect, I hope that one day you can add the jejejejeje crystals.

PD: I'm your fan xd

I'm flattered! Thanks for the understanding and for the constructive feedback! 

I was search a funny game and i find your game , i had big fun Thanks!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback! 

very fun game could add a menu to customize your character. 

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion! I have thought of that too, but I have prioritized other important work that the game needs atm. 

It would be better if only the weapons and the armored Armor had skins that were achieved with game achievements, Example: One Hundred Kill (You Unlocked The Golden Gun) that this weapon does not raise the characteristics such as speed penetration because it would damage the game, only I wanted to give my opinion.

@KingMadness thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately adding statistics / achievements is not feasible for the near future, it takes too much work! 

Take your time for now focus on the basics and then you improve it, try not to get distracted by many suggestions and do everything in order. ;)

GOOD game! add new feature multiplayer please! dont abandoned!

Thank you! The game is certainly not abandoned, I just don't have enough time to work on it these days. I hope to catch up with the lost time within the summer! 

excellent game 

Thank you! Working on it! :) 

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