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Just a question. This game hasn't been updated in a long time and i was just wondering if like your just moving aside the project for awhile because of work or for some other reason? I don't mind what you say, its just that this game seems "Abandoned"

Also the game still great!

Oh boy, reading comments like this hurts me even more for neglecting this game :'(

It's a little bit of both, really. Work and other obligations take way too much of my time. 

But what I am working on now is also part of the reason. Rewriting the multiplayer mechanism keeps proving to be way harder than I expected. I am scouring my code for parts that I must rewrite, testing my changes is tough, mistakes are hard to debug, and I am essentially at a point where I feel I am re-doing old work in a more complex way, only to have moderate satisfaction when I'm done. All this takes away the fun part in developing the game.

Obviously, the game is not "abandoned". What I intend to do, is to finish up all the stuff I've started so far (no starting on new features anymore), publish a cumulative update, and then take a much needed break from SV to work on other projects. I am considering cleaning the code and putting it on GitHub, so maybe other people will contribute on the game too.

TL;DR game is not abandoned, but progressing really slow.

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, and thank you for sticking along. Your feedback is really what keeps me working on the game.

Hi, i tried this on the latest Ubuntu studio distro with a generic gamepad and couldn't make it work in 2d nor 3d. Any suggestions? Great game, you guys did a great job!

That's weird :/ I'll try to download the distro and test it today, I'll let you know once I figure it out. Thanks for reporting the problem! 

After a long search, this is the easiest solution I could find: use gamepad-tool from

See also this post:

Let me know if you run into any problems! 

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I got some new weapons idea you may add.

- AUG a1 with scope

- a IMI Galil


Karabiner 98



-hk69 grenade launcher

just some guns you may for a update.

Good suggestions, thanks! Don't know which guns I'll add next, but I will consider these! 

interactive things like doors, lava, water and stationary turrets would be a nice addition. i would also say vehicle but that might ruin the fast pace, unluss they were just 4-wheelers or something

Thanks for the suggestion, these would probably be nice! At the moment I have multiplayer revamping as a priority, afterwards I will see how feasible each of these additions is. 

maybe you should consider adding cheats or secrets;)

sorry, I somehow didn't see this comment at first.

I will think about it! I'm currently prioritizing main content rather than hidden :)

I mean atleast it was not 351H like it first said. Wew lads. Also this game needs discord If you want I can set one up, DM you the invite, and transfer the owner to you.

A lot more suggestions than I can handle :) 

Some of these can be done, a few can't, and some need too much effort to be worth it. I don't want to make a huge answer again, so I won't elaborate. 

Long story short, some of the proposed features can be done, and hopefully will. But I am currently working on other things, and don't want to postpone them, so it will be on a later update. 

Discord sounds good, but I have never used it before, so I need some time to check it out myself first. I don't want another responsibility in my head without being ready for it. 

Again, thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them. 

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I request a property system for items, and some more game rules. If these are put it in should make it easier to make the map I wanna be able to make
//game rules

-cant respawn: make it so you cant respawn after death

-max bots: change how many bots are allowed in a match (SinglePlayer matches only) I know its pretty easy to add in I was able to mod it in once.

-gravity: I always ask for this because I feel it would greatly benifit more realsitc type maps where I dont want the player to easily jump up and get outside the map or force me to make huge towers to prevent people from getting somewhere they shouldn't be.


-cant respawn: make it so items cant be regenerated after being taken

-cant collide: players can go through it


All these features make me anxious thinking of the amount of work they need :) mostly testing, that is. 

But it's nice to see you are so dedicated. 

  • Question about "game rules": do you actually mean map rules? Because game rules are customizable by the player, and I think you want map-specific uncustomizable rules. 
  • Game rules / can't respawn: you mean essentially making a "last man standing" mode? 
  • Game rules / max bots: I'd rather not force such limits. Isn't it better to have it in the map name like others do? E.g. "My map [max 8 players]". 
  • Game rules / gravity: I may add it I guess, along with the "jump speed" which has been requested again. I still don't think it's a good idea though. 
  • Properties / can't respawn: you mean objects that are only for the first player to reach them? Or objects that can be taken only once per player? 
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  • I like the idea of making map specific rules
  • A last man standing mode is what im talking about. 
  • For one of the maps I wanna make I want the concept to be a sort of battle royale type map where a set of 50 or 100 players start in random locations trying to hunt eachother down
  • My main gripe with the jump speed/height is that I think its set way too high. I honestly think that if we are able to control things like spawn delay we should be able to mess with these settings
  • Yes

I've added some other additions to my original post. The ideas came to me while I was making a map. 

Thanks for your time

this should be great, for there is so few good games like PUBG in offline mode.

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Today i found my old laptop and i realized i have not played this game in 4 months but there has not been an update why ;-;.

Actually update 1.1 was released 46 days ago :) 

Other than that, I'm working on an update but I don't know when it will be ready. 

Could you add terrain in maps i would love to make maps with terrain and could you add a better camra in the map maker too.  please do if can , i would love it!

Terrain in maps is an idea that I hope to add in the game, but it will be a while until it happens. As for the camera, how do you think it could be improved? 

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when i load maps in editor upate them the camra   is in an akward postion and hardto move /is slow with realy big maps. could you make like  a camera mode were you use WASD to move camera and push SHIFT to make camera faster in some way also use  mouse to look camera around like in the spectate mode in Game while playing? Thank you.

I don't think this would be a practical method for map editor since you usually need more accurate movement to design properly. 

I could add it as a temporary measure, e.g. to only use spectator camera if you hold down middle mouse button.

I'll give it a try and add it to the next release if it is easy to use. 

Hey junkbytes I think it would be cool if you added reload animations for the weapons.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. It's been requested before, and unfortunately it's not easy to make. It would require changing a lot of fundamental mechanisms in the game (remake weapon models, change current soldier animation, ensure nothing breaks the AI or the multiplayer etc).

So I probably won't make it because it is too much trouble for the end result. Sorry. 

Hey junkbytes here is a list of 10 weapons I think you should add to stick veterans.

1: Revolver.

2: Double Barrel Shotgun.

3: Burst Assault Rifle.

4: Grenade launcher.

5: Semi Auto Sniper.

6: Bolt Action Rifle.

7: Tommy Gun.

8: Light Machine Gun.

9: Ray Gun.

10: Melee Weapon???????????.

Thanks for the suggestions! I already intend to add some of these, possibly in the next update. 

Unfortunately, it's hard to add a melee weapon. It's a problem to use in multiplayer with laggy connections, and most importantly it's hard to adapt the AI (teach them how to use it, teach them to dodge it etc) 

how do you change the y axis you are building on?

Use ctrl + mouse wheel to move along y axis. Or, ctrl + shift + mouse wheel to move faster. 


Hey so uhh im wondering, does this have controller support on it?? Im looking forward to play this,looks awesome and also does it have splitscreen?? Me and my brother wanted to play together and if it does, does it support dualshock 4?? and if it doesnt, can you add it in the next update??? Thx

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Gamepads are supported, splitscreen is available for 2D only. No gamepad vibration unfortunately, and I probably won't be able to implement it because of Unity limitations, sorry. 

Is it really necessary to run the game with superuser priveleges? (i.e. sudo)

To be honest I haven't tested the latest versions of the game on Linux :/

if you see no problems when running as a normal user, then it shouldn't be necessary. 

Or perhaps you are asking because you have no su privileges on your account? If so, I can test it and let you know. 

I tried running it as a normal user and it works fine. There are no errors and the performance are similar on both cases.

I (and most Linux users) don't want running executables as the root user because (1) it can possibly be a security threat from the program itself or an undiscovered exploit, (2) it requires typing the user's password and kinda annoying for just running a game, and (3) if a user doesn't have `gksudo` installed (i.e. like Windows' UAC prompt) , they need to pull up a terminal which is annoying above that you also need to do #2. And it's much easier to just double-click the executable file than on a terminal

Great game indeed! Even Linux to Windows multiplayer works!

Thanks a lot for testing and letting me know!

Not preferring to use sudo is completely understandable. I mentioned using it to be sure it works fine, but truth is I should test the requirement when releasing a version. It's just that it takes time :(

Also good to know cross-platform networking works. I used low-level networking so I would expect it to, but haven't really tested it. 

JUNKBYTES there is a stick veterans rip off on by Galaxis_Master, we most do something about this!!!

Thanks for letting me know! I have reported the issue to

Hey junkbytes can you add a setting that makes it how high the AI and the player can jump because I hate having my enemy jump all over the place when trying to kill them.

This has been mentioned before as a suggestion, however it is a lot harder to make than it sounds :(

I recommend playing on open large maps, such as "D-day" maps, as the bots jump less there. You can also use Caps Lock / F2 which toggles slow motion

Long story:

Bots need AI waypoints for each map to be able to navigate around it. "waypoints" are essentially paths from/to numerous points on the map. 

When you "Build AI waypoints" for a map in the map editor, what really happens is that dummy soldiers try to traverse each of these paths (in about x1000 real-time). When the process is complete, each path is marked as valid depending on whether the soldier managed to reach its end. 

The problem with the above process is that the test must be done with the same stats as it is done in-game. This means that jump speed, walk speed and gravity must be constant. Otherwise, the bots will be unable to guess whether a path is crossable with their new stats. 

So it can't really be done. Sorry :(

It's ok

Thanks for the new update not much was added but I did like things like the new grenades and the body armor.

Thanks! Unfortunately, adding new features takes time, so I have to do them a few at a time. 

for hardcore players :)

I don't understand a word :) but thanks for making the video! 

i think that an ads system would make the game greater

From what I've seen so far, revenue from ads is rather small. I wouldn't mind that, but I don't think it's worth compared to keeping the game clean. 

Besides, some people have occasionally been kind enough to make small donations by themselves. 

Thanks for the suggestion though! 

when i said ads i meant aim down sights not advertisements sorry for not specifying 

Oh, that :) I could add it as a feature then. If I see it's easy to make, I might include it in the next update. 

thank you it would be a great improvement


Thanks for always being so supportive! :) 

hi nice game i really like it

Happy to hear it! New version is being uploaded right now!

Hey junkbytes went is the next update? it has been a while sense you last updated this game.

I was just about to say the same question (Sorry for bugging you alot lately)

Sorry for the delay! I'm doing my best to get an update ready by next weekend :) 

Deleted 144 days ago

That would be nice to have, but is hard to fit in the current game's design :/

Battle royale would require building huge maps, which the game currently doesn't have. 

And the second and most important problem is the AI not being easily adaptable. It will have trouble playing on such large maps, and will generally not work well with this gamemode without tons of work. 

As such, I would rather put this time and effort into making less demanding improvements on the game. 

Deleted 144 days ago

Sure, it would be possible at that point, but please understand it would be a very long time until this happens.

As the game has become a larger project now, one disadvantage of this is that it takes me quite a while to get new things added, so progress can be very slow. 

Deleted 144 days ago

In the next update (Or maybe the one after the next update) could you add customizable game rules such as Frag limit, Flag caputer limit, The respawn time of each weapon,  The respawn time for the players and so on.

Sounds like a good idea! I'd make sure to do that. 

Bro , What asset you are using to connect to each other????

Just the networking API in unity, specifically classes NetworkServer and NetworkClient. It's a bit of a mess tbh. 

Does LAN need Hamachi too?

Normally no, it doesn't.

However, if you are connecting through a router, the router's security settings might prevent you from connecting to each other. 

In this case, you should look into your router settings to find the problem (Google helps). Alternatively, you can create a wifi Hotspot on one computer, and have the others connect to it. 

Fix Gamepad support.

From my experience it works fine. What issues have you encountered? 

the controls didin't works at me.

For 3d: click "play 3d" in the main menu, enable the "use gamepad" checkbox (under the "player name" input), click the "config gamepad" button that appears, and follow the instructions. 

For 2d: click "play 2d" in the main menu, disable the "standard controls and mouse for player 1" checkbox, click the "config p1 gamepad" button that appears, and follow the instructions. 

Let me know if you have any problems! 

Deleted 144 days ago

Theoretically it's the same as if you were both in the same router. 

If you tried it and can't see each other, then it means that your router configuration is preventing you from establishing the connection. 

Setting things up properly depends on your router and extender, and sometimes it just plain won't work. So there are two possible solutions: 

  1. Try making a wifi hotshot from one computer, and configure the extender to use that. This might work better than using the router, as routers have very restrictive protocols. 
  2. If that doesn't work either, your best bet is to use Hamachi or Tunngle as if you were in faraway places. This will require you to be connected to the internet. 

Let me know if you need more help! 

So it been way more than a month of the new update realase. You know what's like going wrong or been delayed?

My pressing daily schedule is to blame :/ still working on it, but I hardly get enough free time.

I estimate an update to be ready in 3-4 weeks, if all goes well. 

Sorry for the delay, and thank you for waiting! 


Me too.

Ok, Thanks for the reply!

love it omg i got 69 to 7 aginst my friends

Nice! :) Thanks for playing! 

How Play in Lan?

    1. Make sure all players are connected in the lan. This can be done by connecting to the same router, but using an ethernet cable or a windows Hotspot is preferred. 
    2. First player opens "Play 3D" (or play 2D), ticks the checkbox "Network match" on the bottom left, and starts the game. 
    3. Other players open "LAN matches" and click the game of the first player which should show up in the list. 

    Thanks but with hamachi ?

    Please see the Getting started Guide for Hamachi, it explains it better than I would. See pg. 14 for installation, pg. 19 for usage.

    After all players have joined the same network, just do the steps 2 and 3 I mentioned before. 

    it doesn't want to work with the 1.0b

    What doesn't work exactly? 

    when i try to open the 1.0b version of the game, it simply wont run, i have tried extracting, and other stuff, but it dosen't want to work

    • Does it show any error messages?
    • Did your anti-virus show any messages when you first ran the game? 
    • Does the initial splash window show up (the one where you choose screen resolution and quality) or does the game do absolutely nothing when you double click it? 
    • What operating system are you using? 

    Thanks for the feedback, I wish I can help you out! 

    oh my god it works again!, i dont know why but i think i might have done the wrong download or something xD

    It's okay, that's relieving to hear! Enjoy the game! :) 

    So, do you know when the next update coming out and what it might have? Im really "Hyped" for the next update!

    Happy to hear it! Unfortunately I can't say for sure :(

    I am currently lacking enough free time because of day job, so progress has been insignificant these past two weeks. At the current pace, next update will take at least 1-2 months to be ready. 

    I intend to improve multiplayer latency in clients, add grenades, armor and maybe a new gamemode for the next update. New gamemode might be postponed if the update has been delayed too much. 


    Yes but only for 2D. Second player will need a gamepad. 

    Yeah. and sorry for not opening for a year.

    No problem, hope you enjoy the game!

    I do but it uses a ton of RAM Usage. I dont have many RAM so i cant play it anymore :(

    I wasn't aware of that. Could you please let me know more? 

    • How much ram do you have and how much does SV use on your computer? 
    • What operating system are you using? 
    (1 edit)

    In the next update could you like add a option to change what button can you use to change from third person mode and first person mode? Because im finding it very annoying to use the sniper having to click the right button 2 times to scope. Thx!

    Good suggestion, I'll make sure to add an option. Thanks! 

    Sooo is game gonna be on steam or not?

    Sorry, but for now it is unlikely :(

    Steam takes a payment of $100 per published game, and while it may not sound like much for some people, I personally believe it's too much for a free game.

    gamemodes could be last man standing, king of the hill (or varios other marker based game modes), and some form of hoard survival. i would love it if you used something close to the zombies formula!!!

    good job on the full game! i first downloaded when the halmets where the only things that were different colors on teams and im happy to say this game has grown for the better! another suggestion would be the pre-installed maps being colored in future updates.

    Good idea about the built-in maps, I'll probably do that. 

    New gamemodes are definitely a high-priority for me, but they are somewhat hard to implement, that's why it may take some time before we see new ones.

    A zombies mode might be doable, I will consider it! 

    And could you elaborate more on the hoard survival? I don't quite understand how it should be. 

    I can't believe it. I remember that last time I was the first one who commend your first 0.98 beta release in youtube. Now you develope it even more perfect. Keep it up! I will give more suggestions to your game soon or later. Bookmarked this page already.

    Very happy to hear people coming back and praising the game changes :) feel free to suggest any ideas you may have! 

    (5 edits)

    As I mentioned before, you skip some old techniques from previous original Stick Soldier games such as:
    1. Slow Motion button: Slow everything in the map, including objects and sprites
    2. Drop Jetpack button: You can drop jetpack to detonate enemies beneath sooner than waiting until it completely depletes
    3. Battle Armor: Similar to health bar, increase durability

    A bugs found: When you try to edit new 2d map then come back to main menu, the map editor is still there instead of showing fight intro
    Plus, did I miss it or there is no jumping pad (bouncing even grenades from grenade launcher) in this game?

    Since you already have a very impressive fundamental map editor, why not allowing players to edit their weapon and sound and even armor? Stick Soldier 2 has tons of mods which gives incredible amounts of new weapons such as melee, laser, plasma weapons and even troll-looking weapons by editing resources (not by any built-in editor). Ultimately, a weapon rating board similar to map rating should be somewhere in the menu as nice addition.

    New weapons suggestions:
    1. Chain Lightning Gun: Slowly damage nearby enemies
    2. Beretta: Slower but more powerful than pistol
    3. Railgun/Mini-gun: You know what that it
    4. Plasma Gun: Projectile can pierce though enemies, either better or worse than flame thrower
    5. Knife: One hit kill close combat.
    6. Chainsaw: Quickly damage close combat.
    7. Grenade Launcher: Bouncing grenades release.
    8. Sticky Bomb: Throw a sticky bomb, can be remotely detonate.
    9. Laser Gun: You know what that it

    New armor suggestions:
    1. Body Armor: 50% bonus
    2. Power Armor: 100% bonus

    New powerup sugesstions:
    1. Helmet: Can't be headshot
    2. Health Pill (Already in game): You should change it to restore only 50%
    3. First Air Kit: restore 100% health
    4. Invincible Shield: Take no damage after short time
    5. Fire Shield: You can not attack, increase movement speed but can damage surrounding enemies

    New game mode and enemy type suggestions:
    1. Zombie Mode: Nah, that would be bad idea
    2. Stick War (Campaign Mode): something like cartoon war in android, but that would not necessary though

    That's all for now. I hope you can digest these slowly. That's just suggestions so don't take them so seriously. Time is golden, man.

    Slow motion is there! Use caps lock or F2. It is only in offline game though (disabled in networked match).

    Armor is in the making, it will be part of the next update. 

    Now fixing the main menu bug, thanks for reporting it! 

    I'll think about the other suggestions. Thanks for the ideas! 


    I will keep suggesting new things here only after specific updates, also to avoid double-post.

    Oh my gosh! I can't believe how fully-featured this sucker is! What the heck!

    Amazing work, mate! Thank you so much!


    Happy to hear it! Doing my best to make it better! :)

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