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Does LAN need Hamachi too?

Normally no, it doesn't.

However, if you are connecting through a router, the router's security settings might prevent you from connecting to each other. 

In this case, you should look into your router settings to find the problem (Google helps). Alternatively, you can create a wifi Hotspot on one computer, and have the others connect to it. 

Fix Gamepad support.

From my experience it works fine. What issues have you encountered? 

the controls didin't works at me.

For 3d: click "play 3d" in the main menu, enable the "use gamepad" checkbox (under the "player name" input), click the "config gamepad" button that appears, and follow the instructions. 

For 2d: click "play 2d" in the main menu, disable the "standard controls and mouse for player 1" checkbox, click the "config p1 gamepad" button that appears, and follow the instructions. 

Let me know if you have any problems! 

So I have a wifi extender since my wifi doesn't reach from upstairs to downstairs (you lose connection alot) so my question is can you do lan if one person is connected to the extender and the other is connected to the router

Theoretically it's the same as if you were both in the same router. 

If you tried it and can't see each other, then it means that your router configuration is preventing you from establishing the connection. 

Setting things up properly depends on your router and extender, and sometimes it just plain won't work. So there are two possible solutions: 

  1. Try making a wifi hotshot from one computer, and configure the extender to use that. This might work better than using the router, as routers have very restrictive protocols. 
  2. If that doesn't work either, your best bet is to use Hamachi or Tunngle as if you were in faraway places. This will require you to be connected to the internet. 

Let me know if you need more help! 

So it been way more than a month of the new update realase. You know what's like going wrong or been delayed?

My pressing daily schedule is to blame :/ still working on it, but I hardly get enough free time.

I estimate an update to be ready in 3-4 weeks, if all goes well. 

Sorry for the delay, and thank you for waiting! 


Me too.

Ok, Thanks for the reply!

love it omg i got 69 to 7 aginst my friends

Nice! :) Thanks for playing! 

How Play in Lan?

    1. Make sure all players are connected in the lan. This can be done by connecting to the same router, but using an ethernet cable or a windows Hotspot is preferred. 
    2. First player opens "Play 3D" (or play 2D), ticks the checkbox "Network match" on the bottom left, and starts the game. 
    3. Other players open "LAN matches" and click the game of the first player which should show up in the list. 

    Thanks but with hamachi ?

    Please see the Getting started Guide for Hamachi, it explains it better than I would. See pg. 14 for installation, pg. 19 for usage.

    After all players have joined the same network, just do the steps 2 and 3 I mentioned before. 

    it doesn't want to work with the 1.0b

    What doesn't work exactly? 

    when i try to open the 1.0b version of the game, it simply wont run, i have tried extracting, and other stuff, but it dosen't want to work

    • Does it show any error messages?
    • Did your anti-virus show any messages when you first ran the game? 
    • Does the initial splash window show up (the one where you choose screen resolution and quality) or does the game do absolutely nothing when you double click it? 
    • What operating system are you using? 

    Thanks for the feedback, I wish I can help you out! 

    oh my god it works again!, i dont know why but i think i might have done the wrong download or something xD

    It's okay, that's relieving to hear! Enjoy the game! :) 

    So, do you know when the next update coming out and what it might have? Im really "Hyped" for the next update!

    Happy to hear it! Unfortunately I can't say for sure :(

    I am currently lacking enough free time because of day job, so progress has been insignificant these past two weeks. At the current pace, next update will take at least 1-2 months to be ready. 

    I intend to improve multiplayer latency in clients, add grenades, armor and maybe a new gamemode for the next update. New gamemode might be postponed if the update has been delayed too much. 


    Yes but only for 2D. Second player will need a gamepad. 

    Yeah. and sorry for not opening for a year.

    No problem, hope you enjoy the game!

    I do but it uses a ton of RAM Usage. I dont have many RAM so i cant play it anymore :(

    I wasn't aware of that. Could you please let me know more? 

    • How much ram do you have and how much does SV use on your computer? 
    • What operating system are you using? 
    (1 edit)

    In the next update could you like add a option to change what button can you use to change from third person mode and first person mode? Because im finding it very annoying to use the sniper having to click the right button 2 times to scope. Thx!

    Good suggestion, I'll make sure to add an option. Thanks! 

    Sooo is game gonna be on steam or not?

    Sorry, but for now it is unlikely :(

    Steam takes a payment of $100 per published game, and while it may not sound like much for some people, I personally believe it's too much for a free game.

    gamemodes could be last man standing, king of the hill (or varios other marker based game modes), and some form of hoard survival. i would love it if you used something close to the zombies formula!!!

    good job on the full game! i first downloaded when the halmets where the only things that were different colors on teams and im happy to say this game has grown for the better! another suggestion would be the pre-installed maps being colored in future updates.

    Good idea about the built-in maps, I'll probably do that. 

    New gamemodes are definitely a high-priority for me, but they are somewhat hard to implement, that's why it may take some time before we see new ones.

    A zombies mode might be doable, I will consider it! 

    And could you elaborate more on the hoard survival? I don't quite understand how it should be. 

    I can't believe it. I remember that last time I was the first one who commend your first 0.98 beta release in youtube. Now you develope it even more perfect. Keep it up! I will give more suggestions to your game soon or later. Bookmarked this page already.

    Very happy to hear people coming back and praising the game changes :) feel free to suggest any ideas you may have! 

    (5 edits)

    As I mentioned before, you skip some old techniques from previous original Stick Soldier games such as:
    1. Slow Motion button: Slow everything in the map, including objects and sprites
    2. Drop Jetpack button: You can drop jetpack to detonate enemies beneath sooner than waiting until it completely depletes
    3. Battle Armor: Similar to health bar, increase durability

    A bugs found: When you try to edit new 2d map then come back to main menu, the map editor is still there instead of showing fight intro
    Plus, did I miss it or there is no jumping pad (bouncing even grenades from grenade launcher) in this game?

    Since you already have a very impressive fundamental map editor, why not allowing players to edit their weapon and sound and even armor? Stick Soldier 2 has tons of mods which gives incredible amounts of new weapons such as melee, laser, plasma weapons and even troll-looking weapons by editing resources (not by any built-in editor). Ultimately, a weapon rating board similar to map rating should be somewhere in the menu as nice addition.

    New weapons suggestions:
    1. Chain Lightning Gun: Slowly damage nearby enemies
    2. Beretta: Slower but more powerful than pistol
    3. Railgun/Mini-gun: You know what that it
    4. Plasma Gun: Projectile can pierce though enemies, either better or worse than flame thrower
    5. Knife: One hit kill close combat.
    6. Chainsaw: Quickly damage close combat.
    7. Grenade Launcher: Bouncing grenades release.
    8. Sticky Bomb: Throw a sticky bomb, can be remotely detonate.
    9. Laser Gun: You know what that it

    New armor suggestions:
    1. Body Armor: 50% bonus
    2. Power Armor: 100% bonus

    New powerup sugesstions:
    1. Helmet: Can't be headshot
    2. Health Pill (Already in game): You should change it to restore only 50%
    3. First Air Kit: restore 100% health
    4. Invincible Shield: Take no damage after short time
    5. Fire Shield: You can not attack, increase movement speed but can damage surrounding enemies

    New game mode and enemy type suggestions:
    1. Zombie Mode: Nah, that would be bad idea
    2. Stick War (Campaign Mode): something like cartoon war in android, but that would not necessary though

    That's all for now. I hope you can digest these slowly. That's just suggestions so don't take them so seriously. Time is golden, man.

    Slow motion is there! Use caps lock or F2. It is only in offline game though (disabled in networked match).

    Armor is in the making, it will be part of the next update. 

    Now fixing the main menu bug, thanks for reporting it! 

    I'll think about the other suggestions. Thanks for the ideas! 


    I will keep suggesting new things here only after specific updates, also to avoid double-post.

    Oh my gosh! I can't believe how fully-featured this sucker is! What the heck!

    Amazing work, mate! Thank you so much!


    Happy to hear it! Doing my best to make it better! :)

    done the map dec you can add it plz

    I'll check and approve it tomorrow! As for grenades and armor, it will have to wait, as the next update will take at least a month to come out :/


    It's the best I can do, sorry! 

    I am making a PUBG map sooo grenades and armor will be great

    Add more guns and add grenade?

    Next version 1.1, as I am currently planning, will feature grenades, body armor and a new game mode. No new guns in this one, will probably do that for 1.2.

    Add more guns and add grenade?

    Hello??? You Dont Reply ME?


    Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, but as I already said, I don't want to take extra developers in this game, and I don't have the time to start making another game. 

    After you get some experience in gamedev, you will see too that collaboration is not always as helpful as it sounds. You can't just accept any help offered to you, it may actually slow down development instead of helping it. 

    May be! Its Ok!

    (1 edit)

    I work for free as i have to gain more experience and may when i come on this project.May the game will be gooD!! Looking!!!!!

    Pls put a support  of gamepad of PS4 but  i dont have 360 gamepad only have DS4 for emulate for the PS4 to 360 pls put a support gamepad of PS4 :(


    The "gamepad config" option that is available should support any gamepad just fine, including the PS4. Did you try it and it didn't work? 

    no i connect the gamepad and the gamepad config do the first config and then dont go,i will try to not do the config??


    First of all, make sure to connect the gamepad before starting the game. Other than that, the config should work just fine. 

    Does the config react to buttons / sticks when you press them? 

    no the sticks dont react to the game


    But buttons work? 

    and also, will be cool see waepon and character costumization

    I am thinking of adding these too, I just need to work on some other things first! Thanks for the suggestions! 

    it will be cool see it on steam

    I'd be happy to see it on steam but I don't want to have one more distribution platform to update when publishing updates (I already have 2, and gamejolt). 

    However I think that Steam has its own masterservers, so I might look into it. It might be a way to create fully online matches on stick veterans. 

    well, i suggest one thing: remove gamejolt and put steam, trust me steam is a better platform and it has much moneys! your game will be good there

    also, on steam there is steam workshop, where players can do waepon/maps etc. mods! trust me steam is the only way for an good game

    Can I work with you , I am a unity3d Developer , I have 4 years of experiencE!

    I like cooperating but not at this time unfortunately!

    Stick Veterans is not currently a good project for adding new developers, and I don't have the time to start another project in parallel :(

    Thanks for offering though! 

    Lol! I work for free!! as i have to gain experience! give me a facebook link of ur profile or anything we can talk!!!!

    Almost forgot, congradulations with 500 maps!!!!


    Thanks :) all you guys who make them are to thank! 

    Hi i am back, and i would like to suggest more ideas for this game.

    So first you should  add more game modes like area control  or something that would be cool to play when you release the online version.

    Second you should add armour pick up so you can stay alive longer.

    And last you should add arsenals instead of pick up so you can upgrade your weapons and make them better and also don't forget customization :)

    thats all

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have already noted down these ideas and I am considering adding them. 

    this game is realy cool

    Thank you! Hope to make it better! 

    Nahh my ps3 controller works on any game except this one

    Sorry to hear that! Does it recognize any buttons / axes at all? Or is it completely unresponsive? 

    @junkbytes can we host lan servers now or do we have to wait?

    Still have to wait for the new version, but it will be ready soon! 

    @junkbytes can you show me a list of things you want to add to the game

    Nope, sorry! It's a long list, and things on the list are not guaranteed to make it to the game. 

    Hey junkbytes, I have a really strange idea that might work. A campaign. I think it would be fun to complete different levels and unlock new weapons on the way.

    Hey aj, the idea is not strange at all and it would be fun too. The problem is that it would take a lot of time and effort, and I don't know when I will be able to get it done, but it's certainly on my list of desirable additions. 

    (1 edit)

    hey junkbytes i found a bug when i tried to make a map

    the bug made none of the bots move in death match 

    also the game is amazing stick veterans > cs:go, call of duty, titanfall, destiny,mass effect


    Thanks a lot for the overwhelming praise :) 

    Did you notice this in deathmatch only or other modes too?

    Allow me to point out that "building AI waypoints" (a tool in the top-left dropdown menu of the editor) is required to be done so that the bots can move.

    This tool essentially analyzes the map so that the bots know how to traverse it, otherwise they stay still. 

    If you already did this and they still don't move, please upload the map from the "upload and publish" tool in the editor menu, so I can see what's going on. It may be a bug after all. 


    didn't know about the A.I way points

    i will tell my friends because they don't know either

    sorry about telling you it was a bug

    maybe you could incorporate the A.I way points into the basic spawn points and team spawns

    this would make it easier for more inexperienced players able to make maps 

    just an idea :) 

    maybe you could have built in maps because some of my friends where confused that you have to download the the maps before you can play

    just an idea :)

    Indeed these are two things in the game that often confuse people. 

    Ai waypoints are a necessary procedure and can't simply be fused with the spawpoints. The name is misleading; What this procedure actually does is calculate the available paths from one point to another, for multiple points in the map. As such, it can't be removed, however I can add a message about them whenever the player tries to test the map without waypoints. 

    The need to download the maps is not obvious either. Built-in maps are a solution I thought of, too. However I don't want people to keep playing the same maps all the time and be unaware of the new maps constantly being published. I might add an ingame message for that too. 

    Thanks for the suggestions! 

    Best Game


    @junkbytes you should add armor pick ups that give you armor so you can take more damage before dying


    Thanks, I've thought about it too, it is among the planned features! 

    @junkbytes you should make it so you can pick up the gun or ammo of dead bodys and maybe also be able to pick up there helmet if yours was shot off

    Sounds good, I may add it if I make a "specialty kit" based mod, where you choose your weapon on respawn and can only change by stealing dead people's kits. 

    Might be a little redundant now though, since maps are already full of weapon pickups. 

    @junkbytes can a you make a option to decrease the jump height because it,s hard to shoot them when they jump high into the air over and over again

    I've been thinking about it too but there are various problems with it. 

    I would suggest playing on more flat maps, where more running and less jumping is involved. 

    (1 edit)

    @junkbytes here are 10 game mode ideas you can add

    1 king of the hill

    2 domination

    3 kill confirmed

    4 juggernaut

    5 gun game

    6 zombies

    7 search and destroy

    8 drop zone

    9 hard point

    10 prop hunt

    and those are all my ideas for game modes if you want to know more about these game modes heres a link to a wiki

    Game Modes | Call of Duty Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    Somehow didn't see this comment until now.

    These gamemodes look pretty fun, some of them I hadn't even heard of, since I haven't played any of the new COD games.

    I might try to add some of them to the game. Thanks for suggesting them!

    @junbytes you should add a way battles mode where there is 3 teams (red) (blue) (green) and they are all fighting one another team so sounds awesome right?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I've actually tried this. 

    I eventually realized that anything more than two teams becomes too chaotic (with the game being chaotic enough as it is). 

    Having more than two teams becomes unnecessary complexity for the players. Turns out this is why most games are two-team based. 

    oh well at least you tried

    when will you release the next update?

    Sry for asking i am so excited

    I'm eager to see it released too! 

     Can't say for sure, as it really depends on how my free time fluctuates.

    If all goes well, it could be ready in a month, but please keep in mind this can vary significantly. 

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