1/7/2019: Finally got around to finishing the game. I now consider Alleycat Faust to be complete and polished,  even if it's still a mini game. Nevertheless, let me know if you find any bugs!

You play as Faust, an alleycat with 9 lives. You must cross the road to get to food, and each time you die, the devil offers to buy your souls in exchange for powerups.


  • WSAD/arrow keys to move
  • Z, X, C or G, H, J to use powerups (once unlocked)

Made by Kostas Ventouras for Ludum Dare 44

Music: "Catnip" by George Baltatzis

Timelapse of development: 


Alleycat Faust, Windows (post-jam) 23 MB
Alleycat Faust, Linux (post-jam) 46 MB
Alleycat Faust, Mac (post-jam) 46 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run.


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This is pretty cool =)  I like the colour pallet, it gives a good night time vibe.  The convert ability feels a bit OP but still fun to use

Thank you! I am currently reworking the ability system, final version will be more balanced! 

Awesome.  Look forward to it =)